One Minute Soundscapes

By 23/07/2014News

My contribute for the World Listening Day is an audio track into the “One Minute Soundscapes” project.

a very special work in free download this18th July 2014 for the World Listening Day.

OMS is a glocal music project based on the re-work by 4 artists Alessio Ballerini, Giulio Aldinucci, Nicola Di Croce, Francesco Giannico of the samples collected during the last “Matera Soundscape Project”  by Giannico and Di Croce, an acoustic ecology workshop in the amazing city of Matera in South Italy by Giannico and Di Croce. One Minute Soundscape was born to celebrate according to the other listening practices during the World Listening Day on July 18 because it is the birthday of Canadian writer, educator, philosopher, visual artist, and composer R. Murray Schafer.

More Details and above all the tracks in free download here