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TRS047 is an atmospheric and underground metro centric release from Italian sound artist, Francesco Giannico, entitled “Metrophony”. On August 6, 2013, Giannico recorded the entire route of the “B” line of the subway in the city of Rome, that connects the “Rebibbia” station with the “Laurentina” station, and the “B1” line that connects the ‘Bologna’ station with the ‘Conca D ‘Oro’ station… Audio samples collected were manipulated and transformed electronically, and enriched with synth and/or musical instruments such as guitars, piano, violins. The result is “Metrophony” which is also an art installation.

For the deluxe limited version, in an edition of just 75 copies, we decided to change mediums and worked in the neighboring Berkeley silkscreening workshop called the Grease Diner. The set of hand silkscreened 6” square prints are renditions of the dark and moody photographs taken by Giannico himself in the subway. Each of these 12 unique prints is printed on a different sort of paper… ancient ledger papers, music sheets, rice papers, antique vellum, cardboard etc. They come in a vintage, hand stamped, 7” 45rpm sleeve from a 60 year old vinyl binder. Each outer envelope is then tied up with a string, from which hangs a used ticket from the Rome metro system. Also included within the set of prints is a scrap of paper detritus from the stations and trains, and a factory pressed CD in a hand stamped cotton sleeve.

This release is also available in a evocative digipak edition of 150 copies


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International Film Festival “Festival del Reale”
(24/ 27 July 2013 ) Specchia (Lecce)
Text below curated by Good Damage and Big Sur
A work focused on the old town of Taranto , a 15-minute film in black and white which shows a strong discrepancy sound – images.
The recorded audio samples at the workshop in acoustic ecology ” Taranto Sonora ” led by Francesco Giannico in 2010, were processed to obtain a soundscape composition that accompanies the viewer in an empathic way along the course of the movie, but is absolutely asynchronous , despite the collection basin of the sound sources is the same.
Francesco Giannico
An almost obsessive attention to what is “soundscape” (studied, reinterpreted, distorted), a long list of collaborations with Italian and world champions of the experiment (from Bruno Dorella and Amy Denio), the flattering attention and accolades given to him by a giant like Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. The electro-acoustic adventure of Francesco Giannico shows on the field and with the facts its four quarters of nobility,
Presentato al Festival del Cinema del Reale (24/27 luglio 2013)
Specchia (Lecce)
Testo a cura di Damage Good e Big Sur
Un lavoro filmico incentrato sulla città vecchia di Taranto, un filmato di 15 minuti in bianco e nero in cui emerge forte la discrasia suono-immagini. I campioni audio registrati in occasione del workshop in ecologia acustica “Taranto Sonora” condotto da Francesco Giannico nel 2010, sono stati lavorati in modo da ottenere una soundscape composition che accompagna in modo empatico lo spettatore lungo il corso del filmato ma è assolutamente asincrono, nonostante il bacino di raccolta delle sorgenti sonore sia lo stesso.
Francesco Giannico
Un’attenzione quasi maniacale a ciò che è “paesaggio sonoro” (studiato, reinterpretato, stravolto); un lungo elenco di collaborazioni con campioni della sperimentazione italiana e mondiale (a partire da Bruno Dorella ed Amy Denio); l’attenzione e i lusinghieri riconoscimenti datigli da un gigante come Thurston Moore dei Sonic Youth. L’avventura elettro-acustica di Francesco Giannico dimostra sul campo e coi fatti i suoi quattro quarti di nobiltà, ed è pronta, con “Suggestions” ad innervare anche roBOt del suo fascino così umano e “reale” da risultare alieno.

Sleephonia – A.Ballerini/F.Giannico

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Sleephonia – Sounds of the Sleeping city
Soundscapers Alessio Ballerini and Francesco Giannico have recorded sounds and took pictures of a sleeping city. A growing audiovisual alienating work , which takes us from the darkness to the awakening of the city.
Sleephonia – I suoni della città che dorme
I soundscapers Alessio Ballerini e Francesco Giannico hanno registrato i suoni e ripreso le immagini di una città addormentata. Un crescendo audiovisivo straniante, ci accompagna dal buio fino al risveglio della città.
40 min
available for performance and installation
Aips-Archivio italiano paesaggi sonori

SUGGESTIONS – F.Giannico/M.Levykina

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Molder | second Teaser for “Suggestions’ a cine-installation | ‘SUGGESTIONS’
Available as cine-installation on 3 screen and with a live performance
genre: ambient,drone,noise,experimental,videoart
year: 2012 Italy,Moldova
shooting & photography: Mary Levykina
mouning & post-production: Francesco Giannico
music: Francesco Giannico
original lenght: 45′ min teaser lenght: 2.56′ min
‘Suggestions’ is the new audio-visual project, or cine installation born from a collaboration between the
musician and video artist Francesco Giannico and the photographer and video
artist Mary Levykina.
A project born from a simple web mutual infatuation between the works of
both artists. The shots taken by Mary Levynika near Tiraspol and Chishinau
represent an autumn landscape silent and dogmatic full of meaning but silent
at the same time so that combination with ambient electroacoustic music by
Francesco Giannico give rise to a place beyond time and space, a personal
and intimate universe of meaning from which everyone can draw their own
“suggestions”. And from that place, from that center line … mindless … it is
wonderful to discover that you can get experiences that go beyond your
conscious mind.
This is only a teaser; For full lenght exhibition or live performance follow the contact section on websites below:


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“Le creature umane formano una strana fauna, una strana flora. Da lontano 
paiono trascurabili; da vicino possono sembrare brutte e cattive. Ma 
soprattutto occorre che abbiano intorno aria, spazio sufficiente – spazio, 
anche più del tempo.” 
H. Miller, Tropico del cancro
Lo spazio esiste e non ha bisogno di altro per essere che di se stesso.
Nella sua immanenza non si danno gerarchie tra le cose che lo compongono, semplicemente tutto si dispone nell’insieme a preservare l’integrità del reale come luogo anteriore al tempo infinito
Le cose, nello spazio, preesistono al tempo e in questa anteriore intimità creano una narrazione che le compone nel segreto di un vuoto
I luoghi non hanno bisogno di viaggi per esistere, gli basta il miraggio ebbro dell’altrove. E sono.
Penetrando negli sguardi in attesa della visione essi scompaiono e nella forma della scomparsa fissano il mondo nel suo spazio reale.
Lo spazio svuotato dalle parole è tutto riempito di connessioni tra le cose
l’uomo, tra le cose, è il suono nello spazio, la voce che assegna confini e ripete racconti
(talvolta l’uomo è lo sguardo, che riempie lo spazio di mondo)
L’uomo nello spazio rimpicciolisce l’infinito, inventa le distanze, soffre le mancanze; nell’intimità del suo sguardo riempie d’infinito tutti i suoi limiti e superandoli esiste come cosa tra le cose.
La presenza oggettiva dell’uomo aggiunge alla natura un eccesso di solitudine: i luoghi si popolano di solitudini che incontrandosi danno prova della loro esistenza
Questa immagine di solitudine nello spazio, lo spazio la crea a sua immagine.
La realtà riflessa non si oppone all’illusione, la sua è un’altra natura: è la realtà della sua scomparsa
E la parola, come sguardo tra le cose, non dice.
semplicemente: tace.
Gemma Adesso


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video by Francesco Giannico
music by Francesco Giannico & Fabio Orsi

There are activities and experiences that need to breathe once more off to have the duration of oxygen. Reconciled with the slow sunrise and sunset in The last drop of soul, video-installation of Giannico Francesco and Fabio Orsi, young Italian artists engaged for years in terms of electronic music and video, first of all wants to be a fracture of the presence of things, recovery of cognitive and affective relationship with the phenomenal reality against the progressive atrophy of experience as a mutilation, distortion, loss of openness to the complexity of the world, including increased speed of the absolute in today’s society.
The work consists of two videos that show the slow rise and death of the day (Sunrise, Sunset), projected onto 2 screens arranged facing each other, two white pillows on the floor and headphones for the user. The videos and the recording of the sounds were made by the two artists in an agricultural community (coop “Robert Owen”) located near Taranto, a city of south-east of Italy, between the (day) and (day) in June 2009. In both videos the raised point of view and the fixed camera emphasize the minimum movements of mostly natural elements such as clouds, birds, the foliage of the trees, while the presence of man is mentioned only indirectly, by a power line, the road and masonry buildings in Sunrise, as well as from smokestacks and blast furnaces of the steel factory, the airplane or the artificial light that can be seen in the distance at sunset. The music resulting from the reworking of the sounds recorded live during the 2 different moments of the day, dashed the variety of pure emotions, enhancing the atmosphere of the scenarios. Fluid sound textures mark the lights that color and paint the day. As voices from the past, as images wich have the flavour of distand lands, all the elements are mixed together buidling sound paintings that become just memories, coming from the imaginative past, living in the true present reality and fading away into the dreamy fragile future. No one is listening to the dead leaves souls, no one is watching the life of small things. All change, as a fake loop.


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This video is a only a TRAILER of the original video “A KIND OF TRIBUTE TO JOHN CAGE” (original lenght about 23 minutes)

I conduct the course in “Ecology of Sound” for kids DURING 2009/2010 , part of the program of Social Promotion Association “Lab Lib” (assolablib.it) in Carosino(Taranto) Southern part of Italy. Some times ago we done the final essay about ” a kind of tribute to John Cage, so kids played various conventional object under a video made by landscape from these places.
This tribute represents a mix among video, soundscapes and experimental music contributions.

Pollino Sky Festival 2010

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Pro Loco di San Severino Lucano
Music & Video by Francesco Giannico
This video was made using audio and video materials
recorded on 31th August 2010 under the project
“Pollino Sky Festival” in the town of “San Severino Lucano, Cresta Madonna del Pollino, Piano di Ruggio”into the National Park of Pollino.
The collection of audio samples elaborated in electroacoustic way (ambient,folkexperimental genre) represent a a sort of soundscape composition enriching experiences produced in previous years with “radio listening”.
Listening the soundscape helps blind people representing to them an acoustic overview of the environment.
The work is enriched with “dark sky” data acquired through equipment SQM, geolocation data of audio samples with the help of google maps and bing through the BBC site “Save Our Sounds”.
Questo video è stato realizzato utilizzando i materiali audio e video
registrati nella giornata del 31 agosto 2010 nell’ambito del progetto
PollinoSkyFestival nelle località di San Severino Lucano, Cresta Madonna del Pollino, Piano di Ruggio all’interno del Parco Nazionale del Pollino.
La raccolta dei campioni audio rielaborati in chiave elettroacustica realizza
una sorta di soundscape composition arricchendo le esperienze prodotte negli anni precedenti coi radioascolti astronomici.
Ascoltare il paesaggio sonoro aiuta i soggetti non vedenti restituendo loro un quadro acustico d’insieme dell’ambiente.
Il lavoro si arricchisce di dati buiometrici acquisiti grazie ad apparecchi SQM, di dati di geolocalizzazione dei campioni audio grazie all’ausilio di google maps e di bing tramite il sito della BBC “Save Our Sounds”.

Urban Sounds – Francesco Giannico/Amy Denio

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The video “Urban Sounds from The Factory City”, has been made possible thanks to some prints of Ilva (the notorious industrial complex), which were “stolen” with the well-known virtual globe program Google Earth, and then digitally reworked. Then the same images have been entered in a freeware to be converted into indefinite sound samples that’ll do as a layer of a more elaborate electronic piece that works with the visuals in a synesthetic connection.
This connection is made stronger by the lecture of some passages from Albert Camus’ “The Plague”, read by Amy Denio, a known name in the american independent culture. Multi-instrumentalist and polyglot singer, with an incredibly immense and multifaceted carreer, since the ’80 with her own tapelabel Spoot Music.
A mix of techniques, fields and allusions, from net-art, here proposed in physical and spatial boundaries, to visual art, to sound design.
The intent of “Urban Sounds from The Factory City” is to point up on the thorny issue of heavy industialisation and on the huge turmoils that it can bring, but also on the distresses and stimuluses that this “plague” can inoculate in the minds of someone that tries an uncritical reading of the context… precisely, an artistic reading.


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Compact Disc // including 2 Double-sided 6 panel inserts. Featuring the stunning photography of Francesco Giannico // also includes credits printed on vellum // 100 limited edition copies shipping worldwide.

Includes unlimited streaming of Litania via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
ships out within 5 days
edition of 100


released 30 June 2014

for my son and my father – thanks E.M.

All music composed by Francesco Giannico

Photography by Francesco Giannico

Coffee Stains on Vellum – Jeff Hogue
Layout and Design – Mark Kuykendall
Letterpress by Rachel Ann Dennis


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The project “Flow Signs” was born by the encounter of Francesco Giannico, electroacoustic musician and video artist, with Theo Allegretti, ambient-jazz pianist and composer, based on a common poetic and musical sensibility that favors natural landscapes, surreal environments and rich interior scenarios, such as particular places from which emerge suggestions that would provide a different view also of our daily life worlds.

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Les Nomades Paysages – Hysm/Lemming Records (coproduction)

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CD 2013 – Hysm/Lemming Records (coproduction)
“A multifaceted work. The Kaleidoscopic music vision by Zac Nelson (drums and objects) meets the etereal and cinematic ambient music by Francesco Giannico. Continuous streams of sounds but at the same spaces for meditation or crazy free drums parts but they run on a carpet made of calm and peaceful pads and field recordings.”

buy it physical on Have You Said Midi or http://lemmingrecords.blogspot.it/2013/07/out-now-francesco-giannico-zac-nelson.html


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“The memory element is always present in the music of Francesco Giannico. A type of memory that feeds on field recordings, sometimes piano parts, sometimes gentle pads and cinematic atmospheres. A sense of spirituality and melancholy at the same time fulfilling that is reverberated and extended thanks to the videoart works that Francesco Giannico Giannico himself produces.”

The same title “Luminance” means like Cohen used to say that There is a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in.
buy it physical on http://www.somehowrecordings.co.uk/ (site no longer active – rip Tim)


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Year: 2012
Record label: Boring Machines


The ‘Between the elements Quadrilogy’ begun in 2007 as a collaboration among the well-known ‘industrial master’ Maurizio Bianchi/MB and the experimental musician Matteo Uggeri. The first two chapters (Nefelodhis, which means ‘cloudy’, and Erimos, ‘desert’) were released in that year by Cold Current and Digitalis Industries.
Kapnos (‘smoke’) followed in 2009, as a collective effort by Meerkat, “the Italy’s finest in the fields of ambient, electronics, microsound, post guitar” (as Frans De Waard wrote). The last and definitive chapter Pagetos is now released on Boring Machines.
In these years many of the most interesting artists from the experimental Italian underground participated to the project: Punck/Adriano Zanni, Fhievel, Andrea Marutti, Luca Sigurtà, Fabio Selvafiorita, Logoplasm, Sparkle in Grey, Andrea Ferraris/Ics and of course the two founders of the project, MB and Matteo Uggeri/Hue.
For Pagetos (‘morning frost’) Uggeri involved Francesco Giannico and Luca Mauri, whose piano and guitar added a melodic and soft touch to a work that reveals here its lightest – and maybe coldest – side.

The track “5:34 AM – Calaverna” is featured on the Wire Tapper nr.28 of April 2012.

I NEED YOU – Twisted Tree Line

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Francesco Giannico ‎– I Need You
Label:Twisted Tree Line ‎– TTL011
Format:CDr, Mini
Released:01 Jul 2011

1 It Is Great To Be With You, Far And Away
2 Uphill
3 Journey Of The Mind Sometimes Are Like Those Of The Body
4 No Passage
5 There Is Not The Convenience Of The Journey But The Result Is Always The Same

Artwork – Nicola Colonna
Layout [Card Layout] – Nico*
Written-by [Writer] – Francesco Giannico