A Sound Education for All

A Sound Education makes us capable of interpreting things, among other things. It is a lesson of life.

(In the Picture > “Mete” Project in Grottaglie – Taranto – South Italy – 2015)

Soundscape in Urban Public Open Spaces

The Soundscape helps us understand the acoustic ecology of a place and the ways in which sounds interact with each other

In recent years I have been lucky enough to work with people of all ages, carrying out workshops on sound ecology and collective performances, but I realized that the period from elementary school to the first years of high school is a period crucial for training also in the sound field, not only in an academic sense but above all from the point of view of perception.

(In the picture “Anonimo Frastuono” Project > in Conversano – Bari – South Italy – 2019)

What is the function of Sound?

Sound will save us

Sound is one of the most important part of our life, its feature is the fact it's invisibile but we can percept its energy at different levels.

(In the picture “Sac” Project > in Mola di Bari – South Italy – 2016)

Soundscape in Practice

The human experience is highly sonic.

The human experience is highly sonic. Because one of the core properties of sound is its ephemerality—it does not endure long past its production, and even a recording is but a subjective representation of reality.

(In the picture “Aftershocks” Project > in L’Aquila – 2019)

The Sound of a community is its culture, its lifeblood

This is a tiny selection of the dozens of workshops carried out in recent years.