The last Drop of Soul

By 08/03/2013April 11th, 2013a/v Installations
[/vimeogallery]There are activities and experiences that need to breathe once more off to have the duration of oxygen. Reconciled with the slow sunrise and sunset in The last drop of soul, video-installation of Giannico Francesco and Fabio Orsi, young Italian artists engaged for years in terms of electronic music and video, first of all wants to be a fracture of the presence of things, recovery of cognitive and affective relationship with the phenomenal reality against the progressive atrophy of experience as a mutilation, distortion, loss of openness to the complexity of the world, including increased speed of the absolute in today’s society.
The work consists of two videos that show the slow rise and death of the day (Sunrise, Sunset), projected onto 2 screens arranged facing each other, two white pillows on the floor and headphones for the user. The videos and the recording of the sounds were made by the two artists in an agricultural community (coop “Robert Owen”) located near Taranto, a city of south-east of Italy, between the (day) and (day) in June 2009. In both videos the raised point of view and the fixed camera emphasize the minimum movements of mostly natural elements such as clouds, birds, the foliage of the trees, while the presence of man is mentioned only indirectly, by a power line, the road and masonry buildings in Sunrise, as well as from smokestacks and blast furnaces of the steel factory, the airplane or the artificial light that can be seen in the distance at sunset. The music resulting from the reworking of the sounds recorded live during the 2 different moments of the day, dashed the variety of pure emotions, enhancing the atmosphere of the scenarios. Fluid sound textures mark the lights that color and paint the day. As voices from the past, as images wich have the flavour of distand lands, all the elements are mixed together buidling sound paintings that become just memories, coming from the imaginative past, living in the true present reality and fading away into the dreamy fragile future. No one is listening to the dead leaves souls, no one is watching the life of small things. All change, as a fake loop.