Urban Sounds

By 08/03/2013April 11th, 2013a/v Installations
[/vimeogallery]The video “Urban Sounds from The Factory City”, has been made possible thanks to some prints of Ilva (the notorious industrial complex), which were “stolen” with the well-known virtual globe program Google Earth, and then digitally reworked. Then the same images have been entered in a freeware to be converted into indefinite sound samples that’ll do as a layer of a more elaborate electronic piece that works with the visuals in a synesthetic connection.This connection is made stronger by the lecture of some passages from Albert Camus’ “The Plague”, read by Amy Denio, a known name in the american independent culture. Multi-instrumentalist and polyglot singer, with an incredibly immense and multifaceted carreer, since the ’80 with her own tapelabel Spoot Music.(myspace.com/deniomusic) A mix of techniques, fields and allusions, from net-art, here proposed in physical and spatial boundaries, to visual art, to sound design.The intent of “Urban Sounds from The Factory City” is to point up on the thorny issue of heavy industialisation and on the huge turmoils that it can bring, but also on the distresses and stimuluses that this “plague” can inoculate in the minds of someone that tries an uncritical reading of the context… precisely, an artistic reading.