Flow Signs | Oak Editions | 2013

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Ritroviamo Francesco Giannico (elettronica, field recording e chitarra in questo disco) in un nuovo progetto chiamato Flow Signs. In continuità con le sue collaborazioni di un certo livello, viene affiancato dal pianista Theo Allegretti. Insieme portano avanti il concetto di Soundscape: catturare l’essenza e la bellezza della natura attraverso la musica. Le sette tracce che compongono l’album colgono in pieno questo obiettivo con uno stile minimale e raffinato che ingloba, e allo stesso tempo destruttura, gli schemi dei generi di riferimento.(SonofMarketing)

Flow Signs

Oak Editions 2013
All Sounds + Production | Francesco Giannico and Theo Allegretti (acoustic piano)

The project “Flow Signs” was born by the encounter of Francesco Giannico, electroacoustic musician and video artist, with Theo Allegretti, ambient-jazz pianist and composer, based on a common poetic and musical sensibility that favors natural landscapes, surreal environments and rich interior scenarios, such as particular places from which emerge suggestions that would provide a different view also of our daily life worlds.

The flow can catapult us into a mental state of conscious unawareness, as though being swept away by a current of water and similarly Francesco Giannico (laptop, field recordings, objects, guitar) and Theo Allegretti (grand piano, prepared piano), with such an expressive approach, create a single cinematic and visionary stream.

The intuitive, improvised and atypical use of the piano, dropped within ambient and minimal atmospheres and enriched by contemporary jazz strokes, moves hovering always on the lookout for a blend with the interventions brought into play by the other artist that are realized in real-time reprocessing of sound material, distended atmospheres created thanks to the help of pads, glitch, rattles, squeaks and sounds of memory.