Les Mondes Imaginaires | Time Released Sound | 2019

By 06/01/2019January 6th, 2021Discography

The sounds are delicate, impressionistic, a reflection of a stroll in the Italian countryside.  Francesco Giannico‘s photographs, now ripped and collaged, cover the case of the album.  Field recordings, now shuffled and enhanced, form the basis of new compositions.  Conversation and cutlery conjure a warm feeling on the opening piece.  As gentle rain falls, one can imagine the troubadour beneath a parapet, calmly waiting out the passing storm.(Acloserlisten)

Les Mondes Imaginaires

Time Released Sound 2019
released June 16, 2019
All music by Francesco Giannico
Mastering by Alexander Vatagin
Artwork and design by Colin Herrick

In the 20134 the Alcubierre warp drive, a speculative idea based on a solution of Einstein’s field equations in general relativity , will be reality and men will be able to visit exoplanets far hundreds of light years from the earth. The first of these planets to be visited will be “Ross 128b” near a red dwarf. Upon arrival on the planet a group of explorers realizes that the vegetation is very similar to that of the Earth and that there are traces of a civilization that has recently disappeared, they can also hear echoes of human­like voices.

This is an exceedingly lovely and evocative, field recording infused aural journey through the Italian countryside, as is portrayed in the manipulated photographs used in the packaging that were taken by the musician during an outdoor workshop that he was involved in. This time Francesco utilizes more real instrumentation, and the piano, guitars and ethereal vocals, blended with delicately refined electronic nuances create an overtly organic feel to the album in general. The melodic, melancholy and pastoral mood he sets here will have you wishing you were there yourself… wandering in the fields…over the hills…and as night falls, out under the star spattered Italian skies.

La sensibilità da sempre applicata da Francesco Giannico alle sue ricerche di paesaggi sonori dai tratti spesso sorprendentemente affascinanti lo ha via via condotto al di là del descrittivismo “concreto”, dapprima a un’organica compenetrazione con l’oggetto stesso della sua osservazione e quindi alla creazione di universi sonori nuovi e immaginari, com’è appunto quello condensato nelle sette tracce del suo nuovo lavoro. Come già nella sua ultima opera solista (“Deepness“, 2017) l’artista pugliese sviluppava un itinerario concettuale travalicante l’aspetto meramente percettivo, così in “Les Mondes Imaginaires” compie un ulteriore passo verso un’esperienza d’ascolto trascendente e, a suo modo, fantascientifica.(Musicwontsaveyou)