SonorApuliae Taranto Sonora

By 08/03/2013April 11th, 2013a/v Installations
[/vimeogallery]This video is like a kind of “final essay” part of the workshop in Ecology of Sound “Taranto Sonora” in southern Italy during 11th to 17th august 2010. After the creation of the soundmap of Taranto City ( we worked to realize a videoart clip made using audio samples recorded during the workshop , audio stuff tooken during the real time processing and performance on 17th august. Thanks to all guys involved into the workshop in Ecology of Sound “Taranto Sonora” : Carlo Montanari , Hector Ledo , Lucia Frascella, Pino Fusco, Fabio Uda, Matteo Allegretti, Isabella Mongelli, Giada Giovanile,Remigio Furlanut. A special thanks to my friend Alessandro Altavilla for the help in these days. A big thanks also to all active supporters of the project who believed in this crazy idea.
Thanks again Francesco Giannico