Out Now ‘Erased’ by Francesco Giannico with Thollem Mc Donas and Amy Denio

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Official release date: 29th November 2015

Erased is an evocative work made by Francesco Giannico electronically manipulating  unique recordings by Thollem McDonas (grand piano) and Amy Denio (vocals, saxophone, objects).

Sometimes we need to erase : let life sink in a white abyss. This is what you feel listening to the new Francesco Giannico’s sound work, Erased, a unique work that owns its birth to a collaboration between Giannico (electronica, mixing), the pianist Thollem Mc Donas, and the singer Amy Denio, who plays also saxophone and creates sounds using various objects.

In Erased, Francesco Giannico manipulates and orchestrate sounds in surrounding and sinking circles, like quicksands moving down to the endless bottoms of your very hears.

Listening to the four tracks of the album, there’s such a intensity and variety of sounds, rhythms, passing from Thollem Mc Donas’ grand piano emerging from silence, to electronic sounds, then to Amy Denio’s voice screaming loud and, somehow, making the space wider. The language of contemporary music is used to depict a wide range of feelings: rage, fear, quest for peace of mind, each feeling beig erased while another one emerges from an apparent chaos, that soon becomes sound.

Francesco Giannico, after years of field recording and experiments in music, is experiencing his own music poetics: Erased is a moving landscape, is post-modern music, updated to our violent and umpredictable century. It’s a record that every astronaut should take with him on a starship journey.

The whole record feels like running away from something secretly happening behind you,  with the constant fearful though fascinating sensation that if you’ll turn back to see, all you’ll see will be already erased.

The work is printed in very limited edition through an exclusive photobook format in 50 copies on double embossed paper.
Inside the photobook you will find some poetry excerpts from the book “Le Battaglie i Robusti No”  by Biagio Lieti

Artwork is made by minus.log – “sala d’attesa” 80×80, oil on canvas and gauze www.minuslog.it

“Erased” such as the memory that goes away, “Erased” such as the reality tries to do with us every day, “Erased” how we’ll be at the end of this trip.

www.francescogiannico.com – info@oak-editions.com

order  your copy here at www.oak-editions.com
Teaser available here: https://vimeo.com/francescogiannico/erased 
Thanks to Niki D’attoma for the press sheet