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Your new album, Luminance, was released last April by Somewhere Recordings. The title seems to reference a verse from Leonard Cohen’s song, Anthem, “There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in”. The interplay between light and shade, between what is apparent and what lies hidden, is at the core of the album. Could you tell me something about the genesis of this album and its underlying concept?

To be honest, the concept came later. I had 4 or 5 tracks, which are now part of this album, on my Soundcloud account when Tim, the label head at Somehow Recordings, contacted me to tell me, “Remove them from the web, I want to do a full release”.

Therefore, I gathered my ideas and organized the material I had, creating further new tracks and, above all, trying to find a common style and a common concept for the tracks.

While I was working, I noticed that most of the tracks had some vaguely cryptic early parts. There were many field recordings, some atonal parts and a loose time structure. It was like a kind of prelude to something “important” that should have come later. Indeed, after a while, something did happen, and an overriding theme emerged, a musical theme, mostly psychedelic, cinematic, and ethereal, but with a solid internal structure.

In a word, I identified at a conceptual level, the “Theme” with the “Light” and the “Preludes” with the “Cracks” mentioned by Leonard Cohen.

Memory is a recurring theme of yours. “A type of memory that feeds on field recordings, sometimes piano parts, sometimes gentle pads and cinematic atmospheres.” Does weaving in a strong sense of melody help you to create this distinct and almost nostalgic feel? 

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