Suggestions | 29-12-2012 Avvistamenti Festival

By 27/12/2012April 11th, 2013News | Live Preview 29-12-2012

‘Suggestions’ – audio/video performance
genre: ambient,drone,noise,experimental,videoart year: 2012 Italy,Moldova
shooting & photography: Mary Levykina
mouning/post-production/music: Francesco Giannico music
lenght: 45′ min


‘Suggestions’ is the new audio-visual project, a collaboration between the musician and video artist Francesco Giannico and photographer and video artist Mary Levykina.
A project born from a simple web mutual infatuation between the works of both artists. The shots taken by Mary Levynika near Tiraspol and Chishinau represent an autumn landscape silent and dogmatic full of meaning but silent at the same time so that combination with ambient electroacoustic music by Francesco Giannico give rise to a place beyond time and space, a personal and intimate universe of meaning from which everyone can draw their own “suggestions”. And from that place, from that center line … mindless … it is wonderful to discover that you can get experiences that go beyond your conscious mind.