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A really nice project here. I curated music for a poetic anthology called “TOBLACK 01. PAESAGGIO 013”

here below a booktrailer I made to promote it. All the info about the anthology and to buy it here (italian only)

You can buy the physical edition very curated and specifically made for every poet present into the anthology here

Or you can download the digital edition that’s an audio edition at this link

A project curated by Tommaso Ottonieri
Title: Paesaggio 013
Book Series Director: Luigi Abiusi
Music by:Francesco Giannico
Book Trailer:Francesco Giannico

Texts from: Elisa Alicudi, Gabriele Belletti, Alessandra Carnaroli, Sara Davidovics, Adriano Padua, Jonida Prifti, Ivan Schiavone.